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Installer allows you to install applications from your external storage such as the SD card ,so it is very convenient applications .
It is easy to use,you can also easy to manage the app,include Open applications,Export applications,Uninstall applications sort by alphabetical or size.
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Smart View – Smartphone Viewer for DVR/NVR

Smart View

Smartphone Viewer for DVR/NVR

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Android Phone Client for DVR

Version 1.0
– DVR Registration
. Add/Edit/Remove DVR Information
– Live View
. 1,4 Split(s)
. Previous/Next Page
. Select Camera to View from the List
– PTZ Control
. 8 Directions on the Image Directly
. Zoom In/Out from the Menu

Version 1.1 Upgrade
– Icon Changed.
– UI Changed.
. Easier to Select Cameras and Menus.
– Video Quality is Upgraded.
. Clearer and More Stable
– Video Speed is Upgraded.
– PT Function is restricted to 1-split mode only
– Slide the Video will Move the Page Back & Forth

See detail information and download apk file for android: